Our Quality Standards

Possessing a dynamic, experienced and educated team, our firm, by displaying a management that protects our country’s values at all times with its TSE quality certified production in line with national and international standards, that trains and educates its personnel, that follows current regulations, that is innovative and that never sacrifices from quality, has taken as its duty to represent our country in the best possible way within the domestic and international market.
To be able to develop design, equipment and plants focused on our customers’ needs according to changing conditions and demands, on time delivery of orders, fast assembly, service and spare part procurement are first steps in unconditional customer satisfaction.
Our quality principle can be summarized in one sentence like this: 
Customer satisfaction is our number “1” job.
Quality First.  In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we need to have perfect product and service quality.
We need to be “perfect” in our fundamental task, values and implementation of our principles as well.  In order to bring customer satisfaction to perfection, quality of our products and services must be our “Number 1” priority.